HH: Shiori Picture

★Name: 翼詩織 Tsubasa Shiori
☆Age: hi.mi.tsu~ 15
★Gender: Female
☆Date of Birth: February 13
★Star Sign: Aquarius
☆Blood Type: O
★Height: 163 cm (5'4")

★Subject: Mythology
☆Homeroom: 1 - C
★Club: Drama
☆Sport: Basketball

✪Personality & Short Bio:
Shiori is as loyal as a lion, she is always up for being a consultant to others. She is usually the first one to volunteer for anything ,and the first to pick you up when your down. She keeps a smile on throughout the day to keep up a bright ambiance. She cares about other people more than herself you could say. Shiori is very observant, she can read the atmosphere accurately and notice when things are wrong. Shes a bit unorganized and always has trouble finding things.

Off school campus, Shiori takes care of her 7 year-old brother, Shingo, and the house while her parents are working away in a different country. She's not much of a housewife, but still gets by cleaning and cooking. Shiori grew up loving ancient myths because her parents would used to take her out and tell her stories about the constellations on starry nights.

- cheesy romantic movies
- sweet & spicy food
- photos

- telling Jokes
- cup noodle (has a trauma from eating too much)
- being in large groups of people

- is deathly allergic to peanuts
- collects cellphone charms
- loves little children e u e
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