Narcissus and Echo sketches 1 Picture

Oh noes, she's putting up more doodles. x_x

So, if you're familiar with the characters Narcissus and Echo from Greek mythology, this would be them. See, I'd really like to do a short manga based on the myth (and actually FINISH it this time; I never finish my manga XP), perhaps even in time for the next RSOM.

Meh, disproportionate head aside, I really like the way Narcissus turned out. I think I have another picture of Echo that's cuter and lacks the spastic hair ribbons.

Why the Narcissus and Echo story out of the gabillions of myths to choose from? No idea. I just like them. Shut up.

So if I DO end up getting into RSOM I can't post the actual completed manga until it's been sent in and rejected, as they refuse to take any "previously published works" including internet publications yadda yadda, but I think I'm still allowed to show you sketches and stuff. So uh...yeah.
You can probably tell that I drew this on the back of a class handout. See how productively I use my study time?
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