Wepwawet + entry to ShadeOfShinon's contest Picture

”In late Egyptian mythology, Wepwawet (hieroglyphic wp-w3w.t; also rendered Upuaut, Wep-wawet, Wepawet, and Ophois) was originally a war deity, whose cult centre was Asyut in Upper Egypt”

So, this is my contest entry to ShadeofShinon's contest, which you can see over here! --> fav.me/d7eb9t2
I really didn't know who should I draw, or what myth/legend should I use, but after a few days of pondering I finally decided to depict Fenrir as an egyptian deity of warfare and hunting. I thought being a war god would fit him since he seems a bit hot-headed! Wepwawet's name means "Opener of the ways", and that's why he is often depicted as a wolf standing at the prow of a solar boat and with a mace or some kind of object symbolizing his character.

This is probably one of the biggest works I have done so far. Yep, the picture is not that big, but all the little details almost made me crazy. Especially when my SAI crashed when I was first working on this. But I am quite satisfied with the outcome! Even though I'm not.. I'm not even sure if that looks solar boat or not. XD I've never drawn boats before.

But, I hope it looks okay!
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