Asena heirs Picture

Un dibujito que hize ayer inspirada sobre la leyenda de Asena...

Asena is the name of a female wolf in Turkic mythology. It is associated with a Göktürk ethnogenic myth "full of shamanic symbolism". The legend runs as follows. After a battle, only an injured young boy survives. A she-wolf with a sky-blue mane named Asena finds the injured child and nursed him back to health. He subsequently impregnates the wolf which then gives birth to ten half-wolf, half-human boys. Of these, Ashina becomes their leader and founder of the Ashina clan that ruled the Göktürks and other Turkic nomadic empires.
The legend has parallels with folktales of other Turkic peoples, for instance, the Uyghurs.

An alternate of the legend runs as follows: a Turkic village is attacked by Chinese soldiers and everyone is massacred, the commander takes pity on a small baby and only cuts his arms and legs, leaving the infant behind, as the army leaves, the general regrets his decision and returns to kill the baby, but by then the baby had been rescued by a she wolf with a blue mane named Asena. The she wolf nursed and mated with the baby and resulting in a half human, half wolf breed, predecessors to the Ashina clan of Gokturks.
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