AM Theatre: Intermission 06 Picture

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A belated present and belated update, all in one! And I even made it black and white as an added bonus! Happy Birthday, =chiyokins!

So this diverges a bit from the original Hawaiian myth in that Kapoi wasn't insane, was more polite, the owl actually talked, never assaulted him, the king was actually pissed that Kapoi finished consecrating his temple before the king's temple was done being consecrated (I think), and the owls showed up to save Kapoi. It basically turns into a Hawaiian version of The Birds. Only with owls.

All changes made were purely for comedic value and by no means was meant as an insult to the Hawaiian people or mythology. Also I don't know a ton about how ancient Hawaiians dressed or styled their hair, but I haven't bothered with accuracy up until this point. So why start now?
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