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Merlin (Welsh, Cornish, Anglo-Celtic, Breton)
In Myth - Also Myrddin, Merlyn, and Emrys. The Merlin of myth and folklore has many faces, often as blurred amd cpmtradictory as his historical origins. He is a bard, a magician, wizard, seer, and a Druid. He became the spiritual teacher and advisor of young King Arthur only in later versions of the myth.

His human origins are mysterious, and it is possible he once was a long-forgotten Druid whose legends eventually merged with the mythic archetype. It is likely that he was once worshipped as a God, yet no hard evidence exists that he was ever revered by Celts any more than as a very powerful and wise Druid. Some scholars point to his possible origins as a pre-Hellenic God of fertility and the harvest. Ancient Welsh poetry refers to Britain as Clas Myrddin, "Merlin's Enclosure", creating links to earth or sovereign deity images.

Merlin took the role of a sacrificial God when Vivienne, his contrary lover, embedded him in rock. The lament she sung over him was overheard by Sir Gawain, who took word of Merlin's fate to Arthur who set out on a quest to rescue him.

Born of an earthly mother and Otherworld father, he is an archetypal bridge and medator between the realms of spirit and matter, and has sometimes been viewed as a minor God of Light.

In Magick and Ritual - There is almost no task in which Merlin cannot aid you. In one myth or another his pwers cover the vast range of human need and desire. He is also an excellent temporal guardian of your sacred spaces.

- Celtic Myth and Magick by Edain McCoy

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