Valentine's Picture

...uncreative title is uncreative.

SINGLE GIRL OVER HERE! LOL She’s up for grabs if anyone wants to ask her out to the dance ;D

I've spent a good 4-5 hours on this- with the exception of some breaks. And guess why I'm proud of it? NO. REFENCES. USED. WHATSOEVER. It's nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to draw a complete human body without googling up some sort of position, but NO. NOTHING. AHH! ...Ok so thing with the faded image of Letti in the background is that when I finished drawing it, her eyes just looked waaay too out of proportion. No way was I gonna redo it, so CROP IT OUT. c:<

About the dress: Really inspired by old Greek culture/mythology(*cough* Cupid *cough*, I love that myth so much!). And I just haddd to make glittery high heels!~ Of course for when she’s dancing, the wings(stuck to her back by magic) and bow and arrow go off, and will most likely let her hair loose; Letti only considers letting it down on special occasions! xD

The wings were made by scratch by Letti herself; She made a jointed frame for them, so with the help of magic, they’ll act just like as if they were real!

Ah Valentine’s, the most depressing day of the year >_>…

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