A Trilogy in Pink--Part 3 Picture

And finally, the second of the "love goddess" incarnations of Amy--Freyja, from Norse mythology. I loved coming up with this outfit, making it as elaborate as possible, the fancy jewelry, the borders (OY! those _borders!_), the texture on the flowing material, etc. but my GODS was this picture a pain to pull off properly! Notice that I bleached her hair...um...fur for this role--as in, if she's going to be a _Nordic_ goddess, she should be a "blonde". Well, the pink VERSION of blonde. You get what I mean.
The ultra-fancy necklace is supposed to be the Bringisamen, the necklace that Freyja obtained by...um...rather "interesting" means, in the original myths. It's a fairly famous part of the character's story and it's said that she "never went anywhere without it", so Amy had to be wearing it here, too.
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