Samodiva Picture

SO this is my entry for the second challenge of elysianskies ' s contest.
1. Choose a mythological/magical creature as your theme and write or link a short description in your artist comments.
2. Design a costume for the carnival in Venice for a woman, pay attention to detail and go as crazy and creative as you like/can. (play with shapes and structures)
3.Design a mask, fitting your theme and also pay attention to the hair/hat
4. Must be a colored piece!

My creature is Samodiva. These are creatures from the Bulgarian and South-Slavic folklore and mythology. Samodivas are believed to be the unbelievably beautiful, forever young, with long blonde hair mistresses of the waters and have the powers to bring about drought, but are not inevitably hostile and dangerous to people. Another important aspect of the myths surrounding the samodivas is their dance. Never ending and beginning at midnight to finish at dawn their dance symbolized the raw and often harmful to the unprepared energy of both nature and the supernatural world and it was believed to bring magic. They are also some kind of guardians of the woods and they are wearing white clothes, green "Пояс" (waist-band, belt) and gold veils (which were called "beam" or "shadow"). So at twilight time they were going to bath in the rivers and if some man has taken their clothes or only the "beam" they became their wifes and forever slaves. and of course normal human women.

So now whats the common with Venice carnival? I didn't want to make a dress for the whole beginning, because everybody are gonna sketch a long dress. So I used men's costume - the sleeves, the pants, some parts of the "coat" and also the shirt (ok its transparent but..anyway) from the bulgarian costume I added the green waist-band and the veil and the flower halo. Actually I very like the crinoline which looks like tree with entwined flowers and leaves (which are real!).

I know its not very extravagant like most of the Venice costumes but I wanted something stylish and clean which not to look like a cake made by some blind man (sry for the words)
And although this is not typical Venice carnival costume I think if she goes there with this she definitely will be noticed =]

I forgot about the fabrics - veil
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