Elven Evolution Picture

A quickie (well, I say quick; it took all day to render) I did for a blog post, which was just very quick overview of the history of elves. Here's an even quicker one:

Basically, they started with the Alfar in Norse myth, who were sort of ancestral spirits (men had a chance of becoming one when they died). Don't know if they ever had pointy ears; I think that might come from Tolkien who decribed his elves ears as leaf shaped.

In England, Aelf were lumped together with fairies and nymphs and other nature spirits and on the whole took on a far more sinister tone as thieving, cradle snatching parasitic monsters, basically.

After the Renaissance however, Elves and Fairies started gradually becoming nice again as they started to appear more and more in children's stories. Until finally the twentieth century and JRR Tolkien sets up the Elves as we know them now, as an elder, wiser race.

Followers of my fan art may note that that is Aerie there playing the role of a sort of renaissance fairy I suppose.
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