The Vermillion Bird Picture

~The Vermillion Bird of the South~
also known as; Zhuque (Chinese) or Suzaku (Japanese)

Element of Fire, Season of Summer

The final of the four legendary beast I had started with the Azure Dragon. And to come full circle, it is the of creature whose element is over the Dragon but under the Tortoise-Snake; the Vermillion Bird (of the South). Of course, it is one of the four primary Chinese constellations and lastly- the guardian of the City of Kyoto from the South in Japanese myth.

Going from where I left off with the Tortoise-Snake; the Bird wasn't the last I did without reason. She was the single hardest one I had time desinging. Totaling with 6-7 different redesigns and re-colors. In the end going the pairing idea I used to help design the prior; she'd show her legs in opposition to the Tiger's arms, she'd be stoic like the Dragon in contrast to the more energetic Tortoise-Snake (who is more like the Tiger), and her weapon is the longest ranged. Its a bit hard to see...but if you look close enough, she uses a "sheng biao" or "rope dart," which is a blade/dart attached to long rope or chain used in a variety of techniques. And it is for that wide-mult-use purpose that I chose it, as fire appropriately...has a multitude of both combat and non-combative uses.

I'm actually kinda happy with the BG this time, not to the same extent as the Dragon, but definitely more proud of it than the Tiger or Tortoise-Snake.

Hope y'all enjoy the set.

This Illustration (C) Alfred Pangkerego 2011

-Utensils- .5 non-photo blue leads, .5 standard lead mechanical pencil, various Sakura pigment liners, assorted Prismacolor and Copic markers, Photoshop
-Working Time- 4 hr. penciling, 2 hrs. inking and cleanup, 4 hrs. coloring, 1 hr. Photoshopping. Total: 11 hrs.
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