Thor! Picture

Thor, the God of Thunder!

Directly from the Norse Mythology, nothing to do with the Marvel character - althought this one is part of a version of the Avengers...

I have used one of the most traditionals concepts of Mjolnir, but not sure if this is the best way to actually depict the weapon... The belt and power gloves come from the norse Myth too, and I have used simple design for both becose... I like this way. the Norse have very elegant exemples of fine crafting in jewelry and weaponry, but I do like more to draw plain and simple weapons/armours and let the details for the shading. Finaly, the clothes are based on historical norse costumes.

I'm a poor colourist, but I'd like the result of this piece!

I believe I'll make a secound version of this drawing, eventually, becose I'm not totally satisfied with the result.

Well, comments, hints and suggestions are very welcome!
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