Yoshyko Picture

Introducing my new OC Yoshyko

Yoshyko is a newly born Kitsune, who already have the power to change into human whereas only the 9-Tailed Kitsune are capable of that

She is going to be part of a very special comic series i might work on soon. what's special about is two things

1. it was inspired by Okami for how the story will use different things from Japanese Mythology and Folklore, mostly revolving around the Kitsune
2. it will not have any characters from games or cartoons, everyone will either be OCs or based after characters from Japanese Mythology or Folklore

so yes, this is my first 100% original comic set i nan alternate version of Japan where these Myths are true though slightly altered. and i might make it Steampunk perhaps

I might try to make it soon but i'll have to work on the plans first, but know there may be a chance i cannot make this comic soon as i already have my hands full with my other comics
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