Clara Mills Picture

Clara Mills is an OC I will be using for my upcoming story, "Mea Fabula" (latin meaning 'My Story'). Basically, Clara, a 20 year-old mythologist, travels to New Jersey to the Pine Barrens to discover the myths and legends of its resident, the Jersey Devil. However, she has other, more personal motives for coming there, and in the meantime the evil Dr. Knarf broke out of prison once more...

So yes folks, I am a fan of the Jersey Devil video game despite the panning it got from critics (I really don't give a hoot what they say) and a fan of mythology in general. I will give you some fan art of the star of the game himself as well as the chapters for the story, though it may take awhile with my schelde, so please be patient.

Clara belongs to me ask before using!
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