LIFE Picture

Please fullview for details!

I really don't know where I should begin to introduce "LIFE". First I would say that I have been working on it for about three weeks, it was very long to achieve because of the original gigantic size of the image (~3000x3600 I think), and I really wanted that each parcel of this image looks good. I was extremely demanding with myself this time, much more than anythime before. I wanted to use my graphic tablet as much as possible, and I painted about 65% of this image, especially the branches, hair, dress and skin. This was very long to do, and I must confess that sometimes I was really bored. However, I never intended to let it down, and kept on working on it, little by little. So maybe the picture I have just submitted looks a bit small and maybe its quality isn't that good: I just lowered the resolution from 300dpi to 72 dpi, and added two watermarks - the one you can read, at the bottom right corner, and another one, an invisible one, provided by a good tutorial by ~watermarks (that I encourage you reading in order to protect your own digital pictures). But I'm happy I didn't have to add a giant watermark in the middle of the picture, it would have sadden me too much. And now you can properly watch it, and comment it. I would love to read your comments, please keep in mind that I'm still a beginner at painting and photomanipulation, so I need loads of advices.
Please note that the print version will NOT have any pattern, watermark, or additional text over the picture. All my prints are made from high resolution files (300dpi) and printed on high quality paper. If you buy the print, be sure to have an excellent quality image in a very large size (depending on the size you purchase). Thank you in advance for buying any of my prints, and supporting my work!

Model is the gorgeous ~UntamedWings
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