Archive 2003: Lilith Picture

So I found my old "Elfwood" gallery and decided to move a few of the better pieces out of antiquity and onto DA.

Lilith is one of the only named female demons in Hebrew mythology, she actually predates Judaism, however. She first appears in ancient Sumarian sculptures as a winged woman in the company of a serpent.

According to Hebrew myth, Lilith was the first woman made, Eve being the third woman, and Adam's second wife. (Hebrew Myths, Graves & Patai. New York: Doubleday, 1964. p65-69) Lilith left Adam when he wouldn't give her a turn on top. She became the cohort of Sammael (the serpent) and the mother of the Succubus. She spend the nights seducing men in their sleep (wet dreams are caused by Lilith and her sister demoness Naamah) to bear new demons. She also steals the children of 'unprotected' couplings. Unprotected meaning not following the ancient Hebrew protocol for sexual activity. Lilith appears here in the company of Sammael, tempter of Eve, and becons unwary males.

This is probably my favorite of my pencil drawings from 2003. I am now mourning the loss of all my old sketchbooks.
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