X-Men - World in Flames Picture

666 words about the death of a world, and our introduction to Fate Node 098: Ragnarok.

warnings: Movieverse (as-yet unnumbered Earth version; NOT Earth-616/Main Comicverse) with bits of the Wolverine Gameverse and B&T ficverse mushed onto it. dorky 616 references. hints of het inclinations. language: pg-13 (primetime tv plus s*** and f***).

pairing: some Wade/Nessa (Deadpool/Copycat).

timeline: a few days after Logan brings Wade to the X-Mansion (maybe the day after Dirty Thief?).

disclaimer: i doesn't owns the movies or the characters. fo shizzle.

i stand horribly, embarrassingly corrected. because my brain farts a lot when i write things and leave them sitting for weeks on end. and because my recollection of Norse myth was never that great to begin with and has gotten rusty. i blame Moriarty for not psychically knowing i was about to shove my foot in my mouth. i mean, i knew there was a reason i named the thing Ragnarok, but after that things got fuzzy for me. we Japanese aren't all that good at keeping other people's myths straight to begin with, and my european myths class was ages and ages ago.

notes: 1) ladies and gents, meet Ragnarok, the world-ender. this Fate Node is named after Norse mythology's armageddon event. in mythology, Jormungandr (one of Loki's kids, lol) is a giant-ass serpent that encircles the world and chews on the roots of Yggdrasil, the World-Tree. the world is supposed to end in an Epic Battle (Ragnarok) with Jormungandr and its allies on one side and the hosts of Valhalla on the other (the whole point of a warrior being cool enough to go to Valhalla when he dies is that he's waiting for the end of the world). 2) Nessa is Vanessa Carlysle (Copycat), who was Wade's squeeze pre-cancer in Earth-616 (and probably a bunch of other universes). the other members of the demolition squad are Inez Temple (Outlaw), Elektra Natchios (Elektra), Theresa "Terry" Cassidy (Siryn), and Neena Thurman (Domino). all members of the demo squad come from one universe, Earth-3838. 3) as far as i can remember, there is no occurrence of Deadpool timesliding. he has done the dimension-hopping thing, however. for the sake of argument, i will say that some quirk keeps Wades from timesliding, but they can do non-timeslide-based dimensional travel. unfortunately, the Fate Network uses slide tech. 4) i've committed to an exact date for Blood & Tears. oh, god, the world will now implode. XD

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