Draconian Legend Picture

Celebrating my return to DA: Legends of dragons have existed for millenia from all corners of the earth. Although such creatures are supposedly nothing more than myth, the similarity in dragon tales is unexplainable. Unless,once upon a time, they were something more...

The cave was created in Bryce, and the dragon was rendered in Poser. That was the easy bit! I then spent a great deal of time on postwork in photoshop, as I wanted to create an ethereal quality as well as make the picture look aged and old-fashioned. Some elements were painted over (for example to create better muscle definition) while some were painted from scratch (like the rocky outcrop to the right to create more depth), and I was careful to create just the texture I wanted over the cavern surfaces and wing membranes through further work. As I am currently recovering from major surgery on my spine, the work was long but frequently punctuated by my inability to sit for any great length of time. Hard work, but worth it in the end!

Background Image: Bryce 6
Character: Poser 7
Postwork: Photoshop CS3
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