Narfi and Vali - The Wolf Brothers Picture

Art of Narfi and Vali, sons of Loki and Sigyn. According to the myths, Vali was turned into a wolf and killed Narfi, whose innards were used to bind Loki until the Ragnarok.

The backstory for my take on Narfi and Vali:
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

Narfi hugged his brother closer, face buried in Vali's neck, tears streaming down his face as the words of regret and guilt kept pouring from his lips. Fur brushed against his cheek when it should have been smooth skin. "I'm sorry, Vali, I'm sorry."

Vali whined softly, his now animal throat encapable of human vocals, and he pushed his muzzle against Narfi's shoulder, attempting to calm, to sooth. He reached through the bond he and his twin shared, using it to tell Narfi he did not blame the other. It had been an accident. A mistake. A spell simply gone astray.

But in his guilt Narfi did not hear the words. He could only cling to the brother he had condemned to live as a wolf, begging for forgiveness.

(I chose Colin Morgan as Narfi because of his portrayal of Merlin in the BBC series.)

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