131-133 - mythical creatures Picture

In september 09 I participated in an Accumulative-trade of ACEO Cards on the webpage www.kakao-karten.de

The Theme was mythical creatures and since I always loved to read about myth, legend, fairytales, ghoststorys and such I had a hard time to decide which creatures to draw. Only a wolpetinger was clear from the beginning

So here we have

1. The "Nachtgiger". A franconian mythological creature that walks around in the night and looks for kids who are not in bed as they are supposed to be and eats them. It can be compared to the better known bogeyman.
The Nachtgiger is described as a dark shadow with features of a rooster (Giger is the franconian word for rooster) and sometimes wings.

2. The "Wolpertinger". A bavarian mythological creature that is a mix up of diffrent animals. There is nothing specific about it so no rule of wich animals a wopertinger is made of. I myself prefer as base a rabbit, with a deer head and jaybird wings. I also gave him a colubrid tail.
They normally have the hind legs of a duck too and sometimes the teeth of a boar. etc. etc.

3. The "Rauhe Else". The Rauhe Else is a mermaid character from the mediavel epic "Wolfdietrich" from the 13th century.
She demands to be married by Wolfdietrich but he refuses until she takes off her ugliness and becomes the most beautiful woman. He then marries her. I'm not sure but I think they divorce later since in the german wiki article it is said that she was his first woman. Another possibilty is that she died.

I really enjoyed drawing these and at least Nachtgiger and Rauhe Else might become original Characters. I really like the idea. And seriously NOONE and I mean it knows those two. XD
Also you won't find any drawings or pictures of Nachtgiger or the Rauhe Else XD

Enjoy or ignore it
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