Serpent Eating The Sun Picture

I found this neat little tube of semi-transparent red paint which is so, uh, well used that i cant read the label. It blends really well with other colours, going from almost black if you put it on thick to pink if you put it on thinly. Ive used it before to make fire in a painting so i decided to devote an entire painting to just the fire.

I tried using brushes, but meh, its really hard to blend it properly and i just PREFER using my fingers. I know, ill never get any real detail and all my lines will always be really soft if i keep using my fingers for everything, but its so much more pleasant and less frustrating, you get so much more control over pressure, thickness of paint, and it gives you 10 brushes so its easy to prevent colours going muddy, which is hard even if you clean your brush mercilessly.

Anyway. This one is mythologically themed more than fantasy. Sort of a creation/destruction piece. The serpent features prominently in mythologly globally- Quetzalcoatl (The Feathered Serpent), Jörmungandr the world serpent, Ouroboros the eternal serpent, The Rainbow Serpent of aborigional myth, the eastern serpentine dragon etc. So the serpent is packed with a lot of symbolism.

So uhm. Where was i?
Im feeling tangential today!

Its a snake.
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