Sif, Freya, and Frigga Picture

Here are some more Norse goddesses. After going to my college orientation for Madison in which got to talk a little more about the FIG (Freshman Interest Group) I was in, which is basically a set of three classes under one subject, I was kind of inspired to do some more Norse stuff. The FIG I am in is called World of the Vikings and I'm going to be taking an Introduction to Swedish course, and anthropology and prehistoric world course, and I'm even going to get to look at some sagas. So yeah, after that I decided to take a look at my versions of the Norse goddesses again.
Sif (far left)-Honestly, this woman is my favorite Norse goddess. She is actually kind of obscure in terms of stories about her and her husband, Thor, has far more than her. In mythology, she's pretty much the beautiful, delicate, faithful stay-at-home wife waiting for her strong and powerful husband to come home. Really the only story to her name is the one in which Loki cuts off her golden hair and promises to make her a new head of hair after Thor threatens to kill him. Sif is the goddess of the harvest, as symbolized by her long blonde hair meant to represent wheat. In my version, she still is no fighter. Just not really her thing. However, she is pretty strong emotionally and despite her fragile appearance, can stand her ground against any man, even the gods. In mythology, her parents are never mentioned, so I decided to make her the daughter of the couple that Thor's mother, Fjord, sent him to whenever he was in a temper. As a child, she was terrified of the young god and did everything she could to stay out of his sight, going so far as to lock herself in her room all day, refusing to come down for meals, and ultimately just running off whenever she heard him coming. He never did anything to her, but just seeing him was enough to send little Sif running. He was rather inadvertantly intimidating as a kid. As she grew older, she saw him far less as he was starting to venture off into Midgard by that point. She also has an affair with the giant Orvandil that produces a son, Ullr. Sadly, the relationship does not end on the best of terms and Sif becomes a single mother. She does not like to discuss her first relationship, but afterwards, becomes far more confident and stands up for herself more. It isn't until a few years later that she sees Thor in Asgard again and unintentionally catches his eye, having become an incredibly lovely woman. However, despite knowing how ridiculous it is, she still has her kinda sorta childhood fear of him, probably the only guy she's afraid of. I plan to write a story with them about how they got together because honestly those two need more love.

Freya (middle)-Freya is the goddess of love and beauty. She wears a specially beautiful necklace known as brisingamen. I always imagine her as sweet but quick-tempered and rather stubborn. In my version, she's also good friends with Sif. Bold, confident, and incredibly gorgeous, Freya is more than used to having men fall for her. Unlike Aphrodite of Greek mythology, however, Freya is not really a goddess who slept around. Honestly, there's really only two instances I have ever found of her having sex with someone. Granted in one of them, the myth of how she received her necklace, involves her sleeping with four dwarves. And the other being that she had a husband named Odr. For a goddess of love and beauty, she always struck me as being very selective about who she chose to love. And though her husband is not mentioned very often at all, I like to think that she loved him a great deal.

Frigga (far right)-Wife of Odin and pretty much queen of the Norse gods. I'll admit I don't really have much of a personality thought out for her yet other than being a loving and protective mother but also a clever, shrewd woman who is able to outsmart even her husband. Other than that, I don't really have anything. But hopefully she can develop the more I work with Norse mythology and my writing. Still haven't worked out how her marriage works either.

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