Bobby Picture

It’s not always easy.

But… well, I’ve kinda grown to like it. When I answered The Calling and this happened to me… well, at first I wanted nothing more than to go to sleep and have it all be gone when I woke up. It had felt so right up until then. It was exciting. By the end of it, I knew something was different about me. I could feel it wanting out. But then… I couldn’t cope once it did.

Andrew probably saved my life. Marks like him don’t have it as badly as us Called… unless they’re also Mancers like Andrew is. He showed me how to adapt, and that life’s livable, even after it’s been turned inside out.

I mean… I just wished I was something cool. Something big and strong… like a Mngwa. Or… something fierce yet handsome like an Akhlut. There are so many amazing creatures out there, so many friends I have that I envy. I could have been anything. I could have been a dragon!

Instead… I’m a harpy. I don’t always look it, but I still know what I am.

It could be worse. I could have been an Kappa or something…

Or could have been an Alt instead of Called. Man, that’d suck…

So, I guess it’s not all that bad. I mean… I have some alterations of the typical harpy shape. And it turns out we’re not nearly as hideous as mythology seemed to depict us. (And, well… there are male harpies. That’s a bit different from myths too.) I can look almost angellic if I really want. It always feels kind of uncomfortable though… like wearing clothes that are too tight or something. And even when I am in a ‘normal’ harpy shape… turns out that we have opposoble claws on or wings that work as hands. Who knew?

Regardless… on a cold night like tonight, the streets are abandoned. The wind pulls at my senses, and I can hear my friends laughing in the sky already, all glamoured and safe.

… Time to fly.

This is Bobby. He’ll be in Eldritch later on… but it’s gonna be a long time until he shows up. I also know he throws out some terms that don’t make a lot of sense. I won’t explain it here, but I will later.

I should probably put this into scraps. The only reason why he's even drawn at all right now is because I have an excuse to make a crappy painting of him for class. XD
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