Goddess Picture

This is one where there are a lot of details that fit my own use and will probably need to be changed if you want to use the base.

In 1948, this guy named Robert Graves published a book called The White Goddess: a Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth (apparently he didn't get the memo that it should be "AN historical"). As a scholarly work--which is what he intended it as--it's ridiculous. Poets--which is what Graves was--not trained in any scientific or scholarly field should probably not attempt to rewrite our entire understanding of mythology and expect to be taken seriously.

As a storytelling device, however, I find the idea of "The White Goddess"--a kind of primeval goddess whose truth underlies every other goddess in every religion--immensely useful. I don't know why he called her the WHITE Goddess, though--I think of her more as a goddess hiding in the shadows. And then, being primeval, it makes sense to me that she would be black when she chooses to take human form, considering that humans came out of Africa originally and would have been dark-skinned when she was first created/first encountered them (depending on what theory of god-creation I'm subscribing to in the particular story).

Usually I take pains to rein in the excessively large breasts that anime artists seem to prefer (it's just not realistic at ALL), but since this IS a goddess and probably doesn't have to deal with little things like "gravity" and "back pain" and "oh my god, how many calories do you eat daily anyway?!" I'm more okay with letting her breasts be absurd. Besides, Graves proposed a portfolio of birth, love and death for his White Goddess (another useful aspect of his poorly-considered scholarship efforts--a lot can be done with a portfolio like that), which makes her both a mother goddess and a goddess of love. Indications of fecundity (such as ginormous boobs) are particularly suited to both those roles.

I cropped the original picture down to a size that was more usable for me, but it's from a website called Eternal Fantasy, which appears to be entirely in Japanese--so I don't know much more about it.
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