- dryad - Picture

Original, traditional-media art? In my gallery!? (It's more likely than you think.)

I've always liked the symbolism and imagery of dryads, but Daphne is the most popular subject for dryad art and her story is so sad. This dryad is my ideal for the myth: not a terrified, fleeing nymph, but a serene and earth-connected nature spirit, protecting her own tree and the forest around her with roots sunk deep in the earth and a calm, watchful gaze. ♥

This sketch started life as an absent-minded doodle to keep my brain alert during a Marketing Management lecture. (Ah, the travails of graduate school.) Somehow, though, it ended up being...one of the better things I've ever drawn with traditional media. So, up it goes.

I did my best with the lined notebook paper - that and a little brightening/contrast are the only image manip done on this picture, which is entirely pen and ink on paper - but you can still kinda tell where the lines were. Alas.
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