Nixephox and Kitxenus Picture

I made these two as I wanted to create the standard "attack, defend, magic" trio for Foxeia.

For their Others, I went with Asian - specifically Japanese - mythology (I know Land of Dragons was China, but I like Japanese myths, so sue me). Nixephox was a Phoenix, and Kitxenus was a Kitsune.

Nix is the defense type , due to the ability phoenixes had to heal with their tears, so I've given her Healing as an ability, and Kit is my magic type as Kitsune would give good luck to people who did them good, so Kit's ability is 'Luck'. Basically, she affects chance to create an aura of good luck around someone.

Their hairstyles are are influenced by what their Others' were. Kit only has 5 braids instead of 9 as I see her as being a teenage Kitsune when she lost her heart.

Her coloration is because Kitsune were said to be 'white fox spirits' so she's pale rather then tanned or ruddy complexioned. However, her forearms, hands, feet and calves are darker then the rest of her skin as foxes - including Kitsune if you look at traditional Japanese art depicting them - have darker fur on their lower legs

Full body: [link]
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