THE SONG OF ANAHIT - Book Cover Picture

Final book cover for THE SONG OF ANAHIT by R.E. Winn

Description: "Chased into a strange world by two alq, creatures from their worst nightmares, Mark and Erik Yerkinian are in danger the moment they arrive in Vallerkir. Here twin sisters, Khiza and Yeva, members of one of the four ancient tribes of Anahit, befriend them; here a shvod, a serpentine shape-shifter named Coils, protects them; and here they discover that they are the center of a plan to save Vallerkir from Azhdahak, trapped for ages in Mount Massi and many fear who is about to escape.

As they learn to fight and survive in a world where myths of the ancient past are very real, Mark and Erik also grapple with questions about themselves, about the tragic death of their mother, and ultimately about the powerful and mysterious Lady Anahit. The choices they make will decide the fate of the land of Vallerkir--and their own.

The Song of Anahit is the first volume in The Tales of Vallerkir, an epic fairy-tale that draws on the mythology and folklore of ancient Armenia."

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