The lizard called the Hydra Picture

So I did this arcylic painting for Myth class and it scared the hell out of everyone! Here is my Artist Statement:

For this creative project I decided to paint the Hydra. Why? Because I have loved the dragon like monster ever since I saw it on the Disney movie Hercules! However, this one depicts the way I envision it. I also wished to paint the Hydra because of my pure love of dragons and mythical creatures. I also hadn’t done a painting for quite awhile and thought I would brush up on my acrylics again. I worked on it for at least 18 hours and used diluted acrylic paints on a stretched canvas. I first sketched it out with a pencil lightly and painted the base colors of the background and the skin of the hydra. I then did shadings and shadows and tried to make it seem his heads were popping out of the picture. I finished it with the eyes, teeth, and claw features and the shimmer of silver on the back plates. Each head has it’s own personality and certain physical qualities that separates each one from the other. Some have longer horns, more spikes, fatter spikes, more teeth, and so on. I did some research to get some ideas of what the hydra was actually portrayed like in Greek myth and found out that the number of heads on the hydra was never determined. Many say 9 heads existed on the hydra and some say 7, people even rumor that it has 100! I stuck with 7 heads since most of the pictures of the hydra I had seen possessed 7 heads. So that is the end of my presentation and I hope you have a better love of painting and the mythical dragon called the Hydra. Thank you.

Yea... so anywho.... everyone liked it and my teacher hated it... in a good way.. she didnt like it cuz it scared her... xD anyways I hope you enjoy it! ^_^
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