Nightmare Hunter Fact 274 Picture

So, three years ago, I had a basic idea for little series of short stories. They would feature my (still unnamed) "Nightmare Hunter" who would go around and hunt monsters, or, "nightmares". I was inspired by works such as Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Constantine, and so on. But I wanted to throw some humor into it, and sort of rewrite standard myths to my own liking.

Such as, in Fact #274 here, "ghosts hate lemon juice". Why? Because, when "life handed them lemons, they didn't make lemonade, they died." HAR HAR HAR. That is a perfect example of the type of jokes I had planned out for him.

In his shoulder bag, he carries all sorts of weapons, some based on real mythology (stakes, silver, etc) but mostly I wanted some wackier ones like the lemon juice. He also always has a toothpick in his mouth. The wood would be from something holy or whatever, like the Biblical cross or something.

Oh well, I doubt I'll ever really do anything with him. But I did at least want to finally finish this piece I started well over a year ago.

Oh, and as a note... I thought up the name nightmare hunter a few months before I even knew about Supernatural, so I wasn't trying to rip off the "hunter" idea from them. Just wanted to clarify, I do have original ideas once in a while.
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