A Taste of Earth Picture

This is based off of a Vietnamese creation myth, probably one of my all-time favorite myths. I will loosely summarize the version in my Myth and Knowing book (by Leonard and McClure, if you want a great comparative mythology book I would recommend this one!)

Au Co was a swan goddess, and her and her sisters came to Earth and thought it was very beautiful! Au Co liked it the best and actually tasted some of the earth, and this made her not ever be allowed to leave again. She took the form of a beautiful girl and cried for ten years. There was not very much on the Earth yet but under the sea there was an entire kingdom of sea dragons. Her tears were fresh water and started creating lots of greenery and started amassing in the ocean, so the Dragon Lord was sent to investigate. He followed the trail of the fresh water and many butterflies to Au Co, where they soon fell in love and had 100 children! These became the Vietnamese peoples, at least where the story originated from.

I just thought it was so beautiful, dragons and swans in all, and it is so refreshing from all of the rape/adultery/murder that are so common in other myths! So this went in my MYTHOLOGY solo exhibit in the 'real myths' room, as you can see why, it is based off of a real myth! I would like to make more art of this story in the future, I don't think this piece really does it justice. Please check my gallery for more about the show!

Materials: watercolor, some sharpies. I tried to make all of the Dragon Lord's armor "sea themed," with colors I would use for coral and other sea life. Au Co is this pose! ellofayne.deviantart.com/art/S… I love senchi stock lol, they are always so helpful
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