Clockwork Tower - Homunculi Picture

Coven Corp will serve as the primary background antagonist throughout most of the Clockwork Tower stories, so I needed to flesh out the organization with a large quantity of disposable henchmen to throw into the meatgrinder.

Coven Corp are described as "alchemists": in the cosmology of clockwork tower this actually uses the (mostly) accurate concept of them being a combination of technology and sorcery. The most obvious form of henchmen would thus be things that are traditionally created through alchemy in the various European and Hebrew myths that deal with the subject - notably homunculi and golem respectively.

For homunculi I decided to stay about as close to the mythology as I could tolerate: they are artificial humans created in jars to use as manual labor and soldiers by the alchemists (homunculi are specifically supposed to be akin to scale models of humans, but I decided to let them be full size for the sake of coolness - though homunculus actually means "little human"). Golems (which SHOULD be clay abominations that mock the natural order) are actually closer to the common modern concept of "magic robots".

In simple terms, the homunculi of Coven Corp are flesh bag automatons; it's easily arguable that the complete lack of identity and will possessed by the largest portion of them means they do not actually possess "souls" (Which is actually inaccurate for the CwT cosmology). A few Homunculi, namely a specific one named Damascus, actually have some measure of identity that has been given to them in order to fulfill some purpose they were fabricated for - but it's about as common for a homunculi to have will and personality as it is for a golem.

There is a another kind of "artificial person" in the CwT cosmology aside from homunculi, golems, and androids: this being "Tulpa" (another theological reference, look it up). Tulpa are astral constructs - if you ever read any of the information about Shadowlark Symphony; Tulpa and Persona are identical themes: 'fake' identities given form by psychic force.
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