Nordrljos, the Northern Lights Picture

This is a short story I wrote years ago and re-wrote after talking to a friend here about it.

Trygve means Trustworthy in old Norse.

Eir is a character in Norse Mythology and is said to be "An attendant of Menglod, and the best of all in the healing art." I liked the irony.

This is how just about all my stories are; I want to post more short stories but I don't know how people will like them because they're full of devastating irony. And when I used to post them on my Leon writing website people got upset with me for being so cruel to characters.

The Vikings called the Christian Christ "White Christ" as documented here: [link]

The Vikings did NOT believe that the Northern Lights were the reflections of the shields of Valkyrie which is a popular myth. They actually probably rarely saw them as documented here [link] but I did read somewhere (lost the url derp sorry you'll just have to trust me) that they were widely believed to be dead spirits. Also the Northern Lights DO make noises, though no one knows why exactly--they make pops and creaks--so I added that bit too.

I listened to great music while writing this; Loreena McKinnett and several others, but here is one song I'd like to share that I think captures the mood.


And this is dedicated to who is a wonderful artist and a wonderful person. She has shown enough faith in my writing to prompt me to post something far more personal and meaningful to me than most pieces. Hopefully she won't hate me for killing the characters either.......
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