Cryptomen Picture

Aimee Verkmen (Mist): daughter of Night Specter, was born as a half human half ghost. She is skill in Lore, Mythology, and urban legends.

Ryan Newman (Spring Heel Jack): Legendary figure from England who carries on the Legacy of his forefathers who became Spring Heel Jack in the 1888's. He's human and no supernatural skills.

Hao (Mr. Martian): From the Planet Mars, level of intelligence make the worlds best scientist look like elementary school children. He was in the Martian/ Earth war back when Rho was trying to destroy the two planets. Hao created a device that would allow Hao, Shawn and Kyle to appeared human to others.

Shawn (Reptilian Man): The Bronze Reptilian who is possibly related to Seth the reptilian that discover Scarlet. He was found in Germany. Where he met Hao and Kyle.

Kyle (Bigfoot): Deep in the parts of Russia, Kyle has been hiding from the world as he is one of the few species that are "secretive" to the world. He discover Hao after he crash into earth. Kyle has know to speak in Russian and English.

It would be hard to make Bigfoot and Reptilian Man since I haven't master fur or scales. So I made them like this. Their Inspiration was Legion of Extraordinary Gentleman, Urban myths, Urban Legends and mythology.

Notable Enemies:
Bloody Mary
Queen of Spades
Robert the Doll
Pig Face
Green Man
La Llorona
The Boogyman
Barf the Hell Hound

Credit Heromachine 3
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