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Yesterday I finished one of the numerous college works. This one is kind of cool because we had a lot of freedom to do it. It´s a blog, and I decided to make it about a fictional author, and his point of view of all myths and legends.

I decided to begin with greek/roman mythology, but I will try to cover mythology and legends from all countries and cultures.

I´d love to share it with you, but unfortunetly I wrote them in Spanish...I hope I can make it in English too, some day.

For now, I upload the sketches of the first two stories and introduction to the blog, consisting in the myths of the beginning of the Cosmos and the birth of Athena.

-Rise of Gaia: At first there was only dark, a spark broke it and grew to red cracks that turned the darkness into lava, from which Gaia is born.
-Death of Uranus and Gaia´s Sacrifice: After Gaia´s birth, Uranus is born. They have twelve titan sons and daughters, but they´re all locked up in Tartarus by their father, except for Cronus, the youngest, who takes revenge and kills Uranus. Uranus´ body turns into the sky and Gaia gives her physical form to become Earth itself.
-Birth of Aphrodite: Uranus´ blood mixes with the foam of the sea and Aphrodite (goddess of love, lust, sexual attraction and beauty) is born. She is taken by the sea creatures, away from the titan wars until they´re over.
-Cronus Tries To Devour Baby Zeus: Cronus releases his brothers and sisters. He marries his sister Rhea, and have 5 children. Before his death, Uranus told him he was going to suffer the same fate, so Cronus devours all his children. Rhea replaces the sixth child with a rock, and takes the baby, Zeus, to be taken care of as a shepherd.
-Young Zeus Meets Metis: In his youth, Zeus meets a primitive goddess named Metis, who captivates him with her beauty and wisdom. They both fall in love and Metis even Zeus and Rhea a poison to make Cronus vomit the gods.
-Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades: Portraits of the first Olympian gods.
-Zeus Devours Pregnant Metis: Before his death, Cronus tells Zeus that he will suffer the same fate, BUT that he was going to have a daughter and a son with his first wife, who are going to be the most powerful gods of all. But while his daughter will be loyal to him, his son will destroy him and take the god´s throne. To prevent this from happening, Zeus devours his first wife and Queen, Metis, in her first pregnancy. He sacrifices the love of his life for the power over the gods.
-Birth of Athena: Time later, Zeus marries his sister Hera, but even tho they have great gods as children, they´re not as glorious as Zeus imagined. Hurt by Metis´ death and dissapointed of his offspring with Hera, he begins to have children with other goddesses and mortals. That´s when the marriage of the King and Queen gets complicated. One day Zeus suffers a terrible headache and begs his son, Hephaestus, to cut it open with an axe. Hephaestus obeys, and from the blood of Zeus´ skull, a glorious and powerful goddess is born: Athena. She gives her loyalty to her father.
-Athena Knitting: Athena is the virgin goddess of war, strategy, wisdom, arts and intellect. She became Zeus´ favorite daughter and next to be on the throne. One day, Athena is resting in the woods, knitting a clothe for her sister Artemis. An owl observes the beautiful goddess. She stares back and gives him a smile. Later, Hephaestus comes out form some bushes and tries to rape Athena (he had a hard time before this).
-Glaux Attacking: The owl immediately defends the goddess, but flying to Hephaestus and hurting his eyes with his claws. Athena, who noticed how small the bird was, is surprised by his bravery. Hephaestus hits the owl mortally and runs away.
-Athena and Glaux: Athena cures the owl and gives him immortality, she also makes him stronger and faster than other birds, and gives him eternal youth so the strengh can last forever. She names him Glaux (the glaring eyes), and afterwards they both forgive Hephaestus, who is a good friend of the goddess, and yields the best weapons for her. Hepheastus even yields a special armor for the little owl.
-Glaux O' Hoole: The owl becomes Athena´s best soldier, her loyal friend and companion. He becomes a messenger and gains the trust of all the deidities. He becomes an author and poet. He also travels around the world, to write more stories from beyond Greece and Rome. He signs the stories with his full name: Glaux O' Hoole.

All are traditional sketches (crayons and pencils), except for the last one that is digital.

Hoep you like it!
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