Persona 4 OC Persona Concept Picture

Original concept here: [link]

The same idea, but a complete redesign. I actually did a lot of research for this. Since a certain someone is inevitably working on her own Persona 4 OC, I had to scrap the fox mythology from mine. But turns out that I found some Japanese myth that seemed PERFECT for me, it even had a similar concept to the Hoshi no Tama. Here is the excerpt (sorry, but it is from wikipedia if anyone has a problem with that) :

"Amaterasu sent Ninigi to pacify Japan by bringing the three celestial gifts used by the emperor. The sword Kusanagi, the mirror Yata no kagami, and the jewel Yasakani no magatama. These three gifts signify that the emperor is the descendant of Amaterasu herself. The account of Ninigi no Mikoto being sent to earth appears in the Nihon Shoki."

The "arms" can stray away from the body and basically do their own thing. This kinda plays a role in signifying the fact that the objects it carries do not belong to Ninigi, they are only gifts meant to be delivered. Its default idle animation would have the blue and red bare pearls orbiting around its midriff.

I stuck with the whole Knight design, but had to add a Japanese touch to it so I added some tatami armor plates. If you're thinking "this doesn't look that Japanese," take a look at Yosuke's Persona. I partially modeled the head after my motorcycle helmet. I made one huge pearl/jewel as the lower end, making it levitate. It also kinda symbolizes my laziness with legs, haha~ The Yasakani no magatama arm will open up and act as a bow, and Ninigi still uses the Kusanagi arm as an arrow. The colors may not be final though, as well as maybe the design itself.

Its skills would consist of Arrow-based attacks (Poison Arrow, Arrow Rain, Myriad Arrows) and some support skills (Makarakarn, Tetrakarn, etc). It has the affinity of Fire, so it's resistant to Fire and as well as Light, but is weak to Ice and Darkness. However, it later on learns Resist Ice and on Social Link level 10 learns Null Ice because I want Ninigi to have the affinity of both Fire and Ice in the end. That means it will also have some kind of Agi and Bufu skill. The Arcana is still Temperance.

Well I lost my train of thought so yeah, I appreciate any comments.

Actual pictures of Ninigi no Mikoto: [link] [link] [link]
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