OC time- Toeval sketches Picture

I made some sketches of my oc, Toeval! Because he needs more love ;;
So, yeah, here's some bites of description I created about him:
He's an ancient dragon, and we don't know if he's the only one of his specie. His name, Toeval, means "coincidence". His long whiskers are really sensitive and a myth says that they gives immortality to whoever would cut them. His long rugged arms contain all his power, his energy. These said powers used on someone or something, would give luck and hope. It is said that his long colorful tinsels are constantly floating around him, making waves and that a tingling sound could be heard from it.
However, this creature remains unknown, since it's only roughly drawn in old mythology books, scrolls, antique prints.
So yeah! I hope you'll like it! I have to draw my "second" OCs a bit more often!~ ;v; I like to write weird description too.
Art, Character(c) Spazzan
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