Oliver in present time Picture

woo second pic in the story, done.
pic be for this that has the begin of the story [link]

*!! this is when Oliver in present time now and he 25 !!*
when shi disappear, and over the 15 years, Oliver started to grow up and move to the city where other people live. he soon relies that normal humans don't fade away at all. so he knew for sure that shi wasn't human. so Oliver start to study legends and myths trying to find out what shi was. Oliver dye his tip s and went to collage majoring in mythology and monsters. he offend goes to the public library and picks up books about "monsters", but one day when he was returning books, he saw a man from the back [ holding about ten books or so] with longish red hair. Oliver walk a little faster [disregarding the 'caution , wet sigh' ] and went to grab the man shoulder but end up slipping and bring the man with him to the ground........ to be continued....

i relly wanted to draw the next sence so i continue it after i'm dne with that pic.
so hope to see you there.
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