The White Tiger Picture

~The White Tiger of the West~
also known as; Baihu (Chinese) or Byakko (Japanese)

Element of Metal, Season of Autumn

The second of the four famed symbols/beasts I had started with the Azure Dragon; appropriately - here's its opposite - my take on the White Tiger (of the East). As noted its one of the four primary Chinese constellations as well as one of the Western protector of the City of Kyoto in Japanese myth.

As most of the explanation was set up on the Dragon's page - I'll skip the major detail work. So in this case, I'll be honest and note that I kinda ran short of good ideas and wound up giving her a cat-ear shaped-ish tiara. I kinda hoped the attitude present would really show the opposite feel I wanted her to have compared to the more stoic Dragon. Also, as such, she has no sleeves, short cropped hair and a 'weapon' that's decidedly close range. Since her element is Metal - I gave her the metal bands as I kind of thought claws would've been somewhat cliche.

Oh...and drawings tigers is a [email protected]#$%...I am godawful at drawing 'em ...sorry for the sloppy result.

Hope y'all enjoy it nonetheless!

This Illustration (C) Alfred Pangkerego 2011

-Utensils- .5 non-photo blue leads, .5 standard lead mechanical pencil, various Sakura pigment liners, assorted Prismacolor and Copic markers, Photoshop
-Working Time- 4 hr. penciling, 2 hrs. inking and cleanup, 4 hrs. coloring, 1 hr. Photoshopping. Total: 11 hrs.
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