The Peacock Prince Picture

* A peacock's scream was said to be evil in European lore
* The Phoenix and the Peacock both symbolize resurrection and life after death
* Christians thought, in early times, that the peacock's blood could dispel evil spirits
* Two peacocks drinking from a chalice symbolizes rebirth and angels (cherubim) are often depicted with four wings of peacock feathers
* In Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology, the peacock feathers were considered much like the evil eye. They were all seeing
* In the western world, the peacock was referred to as a slayer of serpents. The shimmering colors of his tail feathers were explained by his supposed ability to transform snake venom into solar irridescence
* In Mosul in northern Iraq, there is a sect of Yezidis who hold that the Devil is not evil, and call him the Peacock Angel
* Myth has the peacock representing fidelity, as it dies of grief, or remains single, if it loses its mate
* Legend says it hates gold and will not go near it
* In Hindu there is a myth that the peacock "has angels' feathers, a devil's voice, and the walk of a thief." When it is mounted by Kama, god of love, it represents desire
* One Moslem legend states that the peacock was the gatekeeper of Paradise until the day he swallowed the Devil and snuck him in
* In modern times the peacock's strutting and feather displaying has become a symbol of pride, arrogance, and vanity
* Like many solar symbols, the peacock is an emblem of resurrection, immortality, and the incorruptible soul

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