Beware the Blue Picture

February 2014

Storm Kelpies are supernatural sea creatures that are humanoid in appearance and have blue skin; they are often regarded as similar to mermen. In myths, these blue-skinned kelpies swim alongside ships to lure sailors into the water and also conjure storms to wreck ships.

Continuing with my weekly photo assignment series (which I’ve tentatively decided to call my Tangential Topics) and relating to the previous series' supernatural selkie photo, this week’s photo explores another Scottish mythological creature (and a new photographic style I’ve been wanting to try, which combines photography with illustration). In Scottish folklore, Storm Kelpies specifically live in the stretch of water between Lewis, the Shiant Islands, and Long Island. This area is known as the Minch, and so Storm Kelpies are also known as the Blue Men of the Minch.

model: Mike ♥

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