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oops, looks like I got a hold of another meme! This was actually pretty enlightening, remembering all of the influences I picked up while growing as an artist and an individual. I've numbered them from left to right. These are ranked in no particular order.

1. Samurai Jack - Yes, shocking, SJ has been a huge influence on my art. Since its debut in 2001, I've always looked to this show for guidance and ideas as I continue to develop my own style.

2. Batman the animated series - I grew up with 2 older brothers so what ever they watched on tv, I watched. One of those shows was Batman. It was a pretty edgy and violent cartoon show for its time and we loved every minute of it. Bruce Timm, who did the character designs for the show, became an influence for my art as well.

3. The Legend of Zelda - then theres Zelda. I became hooked with the series shortly after OOT was released. My first internet experiences were on zelda fanart sites like zeldapower. I might not doodle zelda that much anymore but it certainly left its mark as one of the driving forces for my inspirations.

4. The Powerpuff Girls - this show was kick ass, and it was directed towards a female audience for once. Great style, hilarious and full of action.

5. Beauty and the Beast - best... love story.... EVER! This story tells one of my favorite morals, "beauty is found on the inside, not the outside." And thank you Disney for coming up with memorable characters and catchy songs to go with it.

6. Trigun - One of the few animes out there where I can sit down and watch it without cringing. I'm not sure why, its probably Vash's character. He's a fun and care free guy, but he can whoop your ass all the way to next week if he wanted to. The show itself can be mediocre at times, but it makes up for it with the characters, humor and gun slinging bad assery.

7. Hindu culture and mythology - mythology in general has always fascinated me. But Indian mythology takes the prize. The Gods are depicted and described with so much detail and thought. The stories that revolve around these deities are just as captivating.

8. Brittney Lee - She is just awesome! Check out her blog and you'll know what I mean [link]

9. Dragon Ball Z - ya, I used to love this show. I even drew in this style for a time... but I have no idea where those drawings went. I've re-watched the show recently... wtf was wrong with me? But it did have some influence on me so it deserves a spot on the list.

10. Aku - I know I already mentioned the show, but Aku needed his own square. He is evil incarnate, with flaming eyebrows and shape shifting powers. And that laugh... epic. But he can be a little silly sometimes which can sometimes fuck with the shogun of sorrow's terrifying image, but I dont mind
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