The Aurora Borealis Picture

Full Title: The Origin of the Aurora Borealis

Another school project, surprise surprise! XD
This one is for my mythology class. We had to make up our own myth about any natural phenomenon, the only requirement being that it somehow involve one of the Titans, the one I chose obviously being Hypernion.

I decided to do the Aurora Borealis partly because its something that happens a lot in Northern Canada (but it happens anywhere close to the magnetic north pole), and because I personally really love it, and I wanted to write a story explaining it.

When I researched it, I found that it was actually named after the Roman goddess of the Dawn, Aurora, and the Greek god of the north wind, Boreas. So I used him in my story as the god for my love interest, and named the princess Aura, because I didn't want to make it THAT blatantly obvious about where I was going with all this XD And it might be interesting to know, that Aura actually means 'gentle breeze'. And my friend in mythology used the name Aura for his made up Titan XD Freaky!

Anyway, I hope you like it, but I hope my teacher likes it more!

Boreas, Zeus, Morpheus, Hypernion, Gaea, Helios (C) the Greeks!
Aura (C) ~see03

Don't let me hear that anyone is gonna use this for THEIR mythology assignments! XD

Never thought this would inspire fanart from anyone other than me, but I guess I was wrong!

So Close Yet So Far by ~crazy-about-drawing
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