Fossils - Demons are Sexy Picture

Date: May 22, 2002

Amazingly, I still really like this picture. The lines are still tight, if a little flat, and the shading is still good, if a little messy. This was the last image I ever did in Painter Classic.

Kappa is probably my favorite character from my project Aoi, which I was going to make into a webcomic but finally decided not to...for various reasons. Kappa is well...a kappa, but not the kind you'll find in any book on Japanese mythology. Real -- that is to say, authentic -- kappas, are turtle-monkey water demons with bowls on top of their heads, which they hold water in. They're mischievious and mean but oddly enough, very polite. So if you bow to a kappa, it'll be forced to bow back, spilling the water from it's bowl. This causes the kappa to lose its powers, at which point it can be captured and made to do your bidding. Useful to know if you ever run into one.

Oh, yeah, and they drink blood. From the anus.

To create my character Kappa, I took what I liked from the myths (e.g. water demon, monkey tail, aggressive, polite, drinks anus blood) and added my own features (e.g. wings, good looks, pointy ears) to get something my own. Basically, he's a bastardized Japanese myth. And I love him. He's really great. Really. He has fangs!

So anyway, yeah. This is still a favorite of mine. Even though he ended up looking like a woman. :-p
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