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Minako suzuki




5'3 (approximately 160.02 cm)

8 stone (approximately 112 lbs)

Warrior, #2

Minako has a light purplish burgundy hair falling down to just past her shoulders, her fringe is cut just above her eyes. She has big sea blue eyes, she is relatively short and is large in the breast area.
Minako on earth mainly wears a long light pink jumper which stops halfway past her thighs with, shorts, she wears white knee high socks and light dolly shoes.
In eryoce she clouthing is changed to her warrior armor which consists of mainly cloth, she wares a leg and armless one suit with a bum warmer which is finished off with a big purple bow, she wears gray stockings and dark gray/purple boots.

Minako's weapon "eryoce's wing" is a legendary staff which can cast powerful spells, she can also connect with her weapon resulting with beautiful wings and can cast powers using hand signs and chanting.

At the bigging minako is seen smiling happily with her friends, she is relatively shy and quite around some people, Minako had a gentle heart she is always caring for friends and loved ones, she puts people before herself which often involves her getting hurt physically or mentally.
She also has a huge obsession with mythology and hopes to become a mythologist in the long run, she take history in her academy.
Minako takes a strange liking to exuinox and runs to his aid when she seen him in pain in his room with blood over the walls and floor. she stays with him during nights of him staying there she sits with him in his room and talks the night away, she also reveals her tradic past with him (seen in history)

minako love to cook and can cook pretty much anything anyone wants.

Minako has not had the most plesent of pasts, she had never met her mother since her mother left her father with minako since she was baby, minako has no momory of her mother what so ever. Since minako was 5 she has become obssessed with myths and wanted to grown up to become a 'myth buster' as she recals when she was younger. Her and her father grew up living crual lives on very little money, little food and in a 1 bed apartment. After minako turned 15 she saw her father murded and ran for her life away from her fathers killers. After that she suffered from depression and moved in with her best friend ami till they both left home and attaended to the academy.

Additional Information
•Has an obsession with mythology and hopes to become and mythologist.

•She loves to cook.

•has scar on her arm from her past

• loves cats.


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