Valkry Kara Picture

This is Kara. She's one of the many Valkyries of Norse Myths. She's also a character in my most recent fanfic. A how to train your dragon fanfic. Called "Big Brother Help Me!" which can be read and reviewed here along with my other fanfics.…

I made Kara the Valkry of Children. Seeing how in Norse Mythology Valkyries take the souls of warriors to Valhalla. I felt one needed to take children. So after researching a lot of Norse Mythology I found Kara to be the sweetest and most likely to care for the souls of departed children.

Kara is very fond of children and she and my OC for HTTYD Una have a special bond. Which is why Kara gives her the Resurrection Amulet to get help from Una's foster big brother Hiccup of Berk when someone threatens to undo the balance of the whole afterlife and the rest of Nine Realms. So enjoy!
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