Harpies Picture

So here's another drawing that was born in my Classical Mythology class last semester. The myth behind these girls is that they fly out from the cracks from the underworld and onto land and scare people by causing havoc and scaring sheep away. Also that they're suppose to eat things and then quickly poop them out the other end...so my take on this is that there was one harpy girl got a little more rowdy than her sisters and that's where the bad impression got started. And then the whole eating and pooping thing is just an exaggeration thing >w>

So here are the three lovely ladies/harpies

To the left we have Talia, which is Greek for blooming! She's always full of energy and really happy for someone who lives in hell. But if you ever did meet her you wouldn't think it considering how optimistic she acts to everyone.

In the middle we have Lysandra, which is Greek for liberator. She's the rowdy one if you didn't guess it already. She wants to have a bit of fun by scaring the little mortals in the land on top...usually by flying around and swooping down on them. Harmless stuff like that >w>

And to the right we have Adara, which is Greek for Beauty. She's very flirtatious unfortunately she doesn't get too far due to everyone thinking that harpies are horrid creatures and will kill you if they get you and drag you to hell...
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