Kamaitachi, Kitsune and Tanuki Picture

I spelled Tanuki wrong, sorry everybody. That happens to me to much.

Japan's little animal spirits:
Tanuki, who you might be familiar with as the yōkai that have giant balls that can do anything. My response is so what? I'm not afraid to show animal balls as long as they aren't explicitly having sex in my pictures. I used to be weirded out but I can put their magic balls behind me. If only I could do the same for the shirime. www.youtube.com/watch?v=hazJHL…
American folklore has a giant making the national landscapes with his blue ox and a rabbit/deer. Juest remember that. No mythology doesn't get a little odd.
Now on to the Kitsune- The yōkai that inspired Ninetails and has a lot of furry followers on google images. I guess it makes sense, they had sex with humans in a few myths but damn, I just wanna find some old Japanese art. I don't wanna look at your hot tailed fox tits.
And finally the one I just found out about. The Kamaitachi, a weasel, dust devil traveling creature that could be quite vicious. They aren't as known for their transforming as the Kitsune and Tanuki but you still better not mess with them.
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