Odin and Loki Picture

I'm not sure I like this design for Odin. The point of these guys is that they inspired the myths, so they don't always match up exactly. (For example, Baldur and Bragi are the same guy, family trees are always wrong, etc.) Odin in the Muudian version is described as tall but unimposing. He inspired the wisdom aspect of Odin, though that's not to say he can't kick some serious ass when needed. He became the undisputed ruler of the Aesir despite not being the son of his predecessor, for crying out loud (he was his adviser and confidant, the role Loki takes when Odin ascends to the throne).

Loki, meanwhile, gets creepier every time I draw him. Judging by the level of creep and pissiness, I'd say this was right after the whole Lokasenna debacle, but before the binding. Not that Odin knew about it, in this version. Else there would have been hell to pay, not so much because of Loki's mistreatment, but because Vali and Nari were killed in the process.

Through efforts of will, magic, and Odin's decree, Vali and Nari were true Aesir, they even had proper Aesir forms. Loki did this to keep them protected, not so much from the Aesir, but because they protect their own. For that reason Odin would have let loose some severe punishment on the perpetrators, like death. But he didn't know, because only a small group of Aesir were involved, and since this was after Lokasenna, the idea that Loki got sick of the Aesir and ran off for good was a perfectly valid reason that he never came back.
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