Urashima-Taro and the Fox in the Brothel Picture

Wow, I haven't been on dA in what feels like years. Anyway, this is something I whipped out last night between approximately 11:30 and 2:50 for my Comparative Mythology final project.

Both of the stories referenced in the title should be available online, though I highly suggest you read the versions translated by Post Wheeler, as they are the best (and most historically true to the ancient myths) that I've come across. It is probable that I will illustrate these stories at some future point when and if I get the time. I also intend to get the rest of Post Wheeler's work published so the world can appreciate his opus, which was never published due to WWII and his later death.

Time: 1.5 hours
Medium: charcoal on calendar paper
Size: several feet, I'm too lazy to go measure right now (and I'm procrastinating on homework).
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