OC Bio: Pearl Picture

So yeah, here's another member of the Bondage Pantheon. Yeah, Chrome933 and I agreed to give full ownership of the set to myself. Here, we have Pearl, who is the Ancient Greek counterpart of Courtney. Yeah, I had to censor the breasts because although female toplessness was okay in ancient times, people these days won't understand the point I'm trying to make here.

Fun Fact 1: I had two interpretations of Pearl. My interpretation of Pearl had long hair, but her hair was white and her eyes were purple. SEGASister's interpretation, on the other hand, had Pearl with blonde hair and green eyes. I went with the latter and tried for a Rosalina-esque blonde.

Fun Fact 2: I originally named Amethyst, Rachel McLean's (SEGASister's OC) Ancient Greek counterpart, was originally named "Citrine." My buddy, SEGAsister, wanted it changed to Amethyst since it had a Steven Universe ring to it.

Fun Fact 3: The difference between a satyr and a faun is a satyr had horse ears and a horse tail while a faun had goat legs, goat hindquarters, and goat horns. This was the reason why I referred to Pearl's alternate form as the "Faun Forme."

Fun Fact 4: Pearl's Faun form was based on an idea Stalker5999 had that involves Pearl being a descendant of Pan. Oddly enough, all of Pan's offspring Pan.html">(Click Here) are obscure mythological figures, and only Seilenos (Click Here) had offspring. Note that Greek myths vary greatly in interpretation.

Uncensored Pic: sta.sh/01z2667fhdbv
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